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In a world of somber acceptance, the popularity of data-driven communications is growing not only among b2b marketers but also b2c professionals. Marketers have realized that data not only helps in having wider reach but also supports acceptance among professionals and consumers. Considered as a valuable resource by contemporary marketers, data on professionals forms the core of contemporary b2b campaigns. And at Span Global Services, this is what we help you with – business contact details of professionals.


As leading providers of business email lists and marketing databases we at Span Global Services seek to help marketers in leveraging from opportunities that come their way. Backed by our marketing lists and the right strategies, marketers can seek to get more from their campaign efforts through emails, direct mails, social media, telemarketing and more. As marketers therefore, if you are all set to make the right move with your products and services, then we promise you a smooth ride with our direct mailing lists!


What we Offer:


When marketers seek to buy email lists they are often met with resistance. Email lists are wrongly believed to be a spamming method, leading to loss of credibility. At Span Global Services, we provide our clients with authentic and reliable email databases with the objective to end incorrect perceptions. Not only do we guarantee deliverables, but also provide steady and timely customer support to provide quality experience to our clients.


Our email addresses focus on:

  • <ul><li>Technology users email list</li>
  • <li>Healthcare mailing addresses</li>
  • <li>Geo-targeted email lists</li>
  • <li>Professional Titles list</li>
  • <li>Industry-wise mailing database</li>
  • </ul>

How marketers benefit with Email Addresses from Span Global Services


At Span Global Services, our focus is not on providing only b2b email database. We are working towards providing a holistic campaign experience, triggered by the fact that the b2b market is dynamic and competitive. When marketers invest in our marketing lists therefore, they benefit by:

  • Acquiring customized data for b2b and b2c campaigns
  • Access to data on top organization decision makers for rolling out campaigns
  • Assurance of over 75% campaign deliverables through online and offline channels
  • Guidance of our data-experts for customized lists
  • Additional services including email appending, data cleansing, data verification and more